United Technologies Corporation CSMC Machinist 3rd Shift in Middletown, Connecticut

Job ID: 51329BR

City: Middletown

State: Connecticut

Country: United States

Category: Operations: Machinist / Process Operator

Job Type:


Setup and operate more than one machine tool or process equipment type and operate a variety of unrelated machine tool or process equipment types to produce precision turbine engine parts within an assigned area. Perform work where methods and techniques are established and tooling is provided. Assist others responsible for new or changed process development.

  • Follow standard practices, work from operation sheets, drawings, computer generated information, and other pertinent instructions to setup, operate and adjust machines or equipment to achieve dimensional integrity and required finish characteristics of production turbine engine parts. Utilize a variety of fixed and variable measuring instruments to check and verify dimensions. Perform datum, part and tool probe functions where appropriate. Use OpCert and other computer-based systems to retrieve and store information and records. Check parts for handling damage and ensure all OpCert functions are closed out before proceeding to subsequent step.

  • Plan and perform bench assembly tasks, finishing and rework operations. Use hand and power tools and other task specific equipment as needed, to improve part surface imperfections at the final stages of the manufacturing process where dimensional specifications, as well as cosmetic appearance, are critical. Work from quality review and corrective work documents to perform rework and repair of parts using prescribed techniques and procedures. Develop personal techniques necessary to re-operate parts at close tolerance.

  • Follow standard practices and operating procedures to setup and operate manual and automatic part treatment equipment such as plasma sprayers, dry bake ovens and painting equipment. Prepare parts, load and monitor furnaces to perform a variety of heat treatment and braze operations. Perform routine maintenance and servicing of spray guns, nozzles, seals and filters related to process equipment within the assigned area.

  • Work under the direction of engineers and other service group personnel to develop new or changed operations, which could involve tryout of control programs, new equipment, cutting tools and holding devices. Make recommendations for changing speeds and feeds and to improve or refine the production process.

  • Perform the work necessary to prepare parts, setup, adjust and operate inertia bond and electron beam weld equipment. Perform hand fusion tack weld in preparation for electron beam welding. Operate spin test and part balance equipment.

  • Assist others responsible for new part process tryout, repair of equipment, and other specialized assignments within the scope and skill level of this job description.

  • Refer difficulties to leader or supervisor.

  • Perform routine servicing throughout assigned area following specified procedures and written instructions, such as operators’ checklist, for upkeep and to assure equipment operates properly.


Languages Required: English

Skills Required: Requires a well-rounded knowledge of machining or metal finishing methods and machine shop practices. Possess a clear understanding of advanced shop mathematics, use of formulas, engineering drawing interpretation and work holding methods. Use precision measuring instruments to check work on a variety of related assignments following standard methods and procedures.

United Technologies Corporation is An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.